Welcome to PageBreeze Version 5.0!

PageBreeze is a powerful HTML Editor which has both visual (WYSIWYG) and HTML tag modes. PageBreeze's design emphasizes simplicity and ease-of-use. You'll find that you'll be creating great looking websites almost instantly--with virtually no learning curve!

The one-page summary that follows will give you all the information you need to get started and use PageBreeze productively. For more detailed assistance, you can also choose Help Topics from the Help menu.

A Quick Overview of PageBreeze

The PageBreeze screen is divided into two panes. You can adjust the width of the panes by dragging the center separator bar. You can also hide or show the left pane with a click of the mouse or by pressing the F4 function key.

The right pane includes five tabs:

  • Normal is the visual HTML editor where you will do most of your work. Our editor is actually powered by Microsoft Internet Explorer, so you can always be sure that you are seeing exactly what you will get.
  • Page Properties lets you easily edit important attributes for your HTML pages, such as the title, meta tags, background and style sheet (.css) file.
  • HTML Source lets you view and edit your page in HTML tag mode. You can move between Normal and HTML views as often as you like and any changes you make will be instantly reflected in both modes.
  • Preview lets you see your webpage exactly as it will appear in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Publish (FTP) Lets you easily publish (upload) your webpages to your webserver. (This feature is available only in the Professional Version).

The left pane contains the File Manager:

  • The File Manager lets you navigate between directories (folders) and shows all the HTML files in each folder. Double click to open a file in the editor. The "Documents" button at the top will take you to the folder \Users\...\Documents\PageBreeze." We recommend that you create new projects in this location. Create a new folder for each project (website).

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Building Web Pages with PageBreeze

PageBreeze's visual editor provides a familiar set of tools on the menus and toolbars. In addition, there are several special features that make it fast and easy to create web pages:

  • You can use the Insert Hyperlink command to create a link. Just select the text you want to become a link and then use the command under the Insert menu or the  toolbar icon. You can edit an existing hyperlink by double clicking it in the editor.
  • You can add graphics to your page either by inserting an image file located on your computer (use the Insert Local Graphic icon on the tool bar  and then select the file on your computer ), or by inserting a reference to a graphic that is located somewhere on the web (use the Insert Online Graphic icon   and then type the URL).
  • In general, you can edit the properties for elements such as links, images and form fields by double clicking the element in the editor. You can edit the properties for tables and table cells by right clicking and choosing an option from the popup menu.

Navigating in the Editor

You can open another file by double clicking in the file list on the left. We recommend that you create a separate directory on your computer for each website and keep all the files in that directory.

Note that if you make changes to a page, PageBreeze will ask if you want to save the current page before opening the new page. If you prefer, you can have PageBreeze automatically save changes when you navigate to a different page This option is available in the Settings dialog box under the Tools menu.

Creating New Pages

To create a new page, choose New from the File menu. Then enter a title for the page. You can also elect to base the new page on a template. This makes it easy to use standard layout/formatting for your pages.

Any page can become a template. Simply choose Save Copy of Page as Template from the File menu and a copy of the page will be saved to your Templates folder. You can then base new pages on it.

Opening a new Editor Window (Professional Version)

PageBreeze Professional offers support for multiple editor windows so you can have more than one file open at once. This makes it easy to copy and paste between pages. To open a file in a new window, right click on the file name in the File Manager pane and then choose "Open in a New Editor Window" from the pop-up menu. You can also use the "Open in New Editor Window" command under the File menu.

Managing Projects (Websites)

PageBreeze makes it very easy to manage multiple website projects. The only thing you need to do to make things work properly is to keep every website/project in its own directory (folder). 

We recommend that you create your new projects/websites in folder located in you Documents directory. You can get to the this location easily by clicking the "Documents" button at the top of the File Manager.

The easiest way to handle things is to simply keep all the files for your website (HTML files, graphics, style sheets, etc.) in the same folder. Some people may prefer to divide things up among subfolders. This will also work fine.

As long as you keep each website in its own directory, PageBreeze will automatically manage things for you. For example, all hyperlinks will automatically become relative, and if you insert an image from a random location on your hard drive, the graphic file will automatically be copied to your website directory.

If you finish working on one project and want to open another website in PageBreeze, we suggest you use the File | Open command to open the first page in the new project. Why? This will list the page under the "Recent Files" section of the File menu so it will be easy to reopen the page. After opening the first page of the new project, use the Files pane to navigate between the other files in the project.

Creating a New Website Project.

To create a new website, simply create a new directory/folder and then create a new page in the folder. You'll usually want to start by creating the home page, which should be called "index.html" on most webservers.

For a fast start, you can use a website template for your new site. PageBreeze provides access to hundreds of free website templates on the internet. To find these, just choose "Get Website Templates" from the File menu.

Once you find a template, download the ZIP file for the templates and unzip the files into the new folder for your website. Then open the home page in PageBreeze and start modifying the template to fit your needs.

Previewing in your Browser

You can see exactly how your page will  look in Internet Explorer at any time by clicking the Preview tab. If you want to test your page in other browsers (or in IE itself), choose "View Current Page in Browser(s)" from either the File menu or the View menu (or press F7).

Publishing your Webpages to your Webserver

Once you have created your webpages with PageBreeze, you will want to upload them to your web server (web hosting account).

The easiest way to do this is to use the built-in FTP Publishing in PageBreeze Professional . However, you can also use a separate FTP utility. Many web hosting accounts also allow you to upload files using your web browser. This is usually managed through the Control Panel for your hosting account. However, FTP is usually faster and easier to work with--especially if you will be publishing a number of pages.

If you don't already have a web hosting account, please see our recommended hosting providers for some great values.

For more detail on how to publish your pages, choose Help Topics from the Help menu, and then click on How To | Uploading/Publishing your Web Pages.

Using Forms

Forms are an essential element of high quality websites. Forms are what make your website interactive; they allow you to collect information from your visitors. For business websites, forms can be a powerful sales and lead generation tool.

Building forms and then getting them to work the way you want is normally one of the most technical aspects of designing your website, but with PageBreeze, it's truly a breeze!

PageBreeze includes powerful form-building features. To access these, click the icons on the right side of the top toolbar..

To build a form, you simply click the form icon  on the toolbar. Next, use the other toolbar icons to insert fields such as textboxes, listboxes and checkboxes within the form.

The forms you build with PageBreeze can automatically integrate with our Form processing service, FormBreeze. With FormBreeze you never have to worry about programming or installing software or scripts on your webserver. You simply sign up for a FormBreeze account, enter your account ID, and things will work instantly!

FormBreeze includes powerful features can turn your forms into powerful marketing tools:

  • No limitations. Works with any form.
  • Checks the information entered to make sure it is correctly formatted.
  • Emails submission results to you.
  • Collects data for later download in HTML, tab-delimited text or csv formats.
  • Sends personalized autoresponder messages back to the visitor (for example, you can address your visitor by the name he or she enters in your form).
  • Can send a second, personalized "follow-up" email to the visitor at a later date. This is a powerful way to maintain visibility and turn prospects into customers!
  • Integrates with mailing list software so you an build lists automatically. Includes "Opt-in" support.
  • Secure from spammers. Your email address never appears on your web pages (even in hidden locations).
  • More information at: www.formbreeze.com


PageBreeze also allows you to drag a knowledgebase onto your webpages. The knowledgebase is powered by our Querybot service. Querybot allows visitors to your website to ask questions in their own words and get instant answers. Questions that cannot be answered by the system are forwarded to you by email.

A Querybot knowledgebase can serve as your front line for customer service and support, cutting the effort you need to put into manual email processing by up to 80% while dramatically improving your responsiveness to customer questions.

License and Distribution of PageBreeze

PageBreeze Free HTML Edtior is completely free for personal, not-for-profit, or educational use. The software will never expire. If you use PageBreeze in your job, or in a for-profit business for non-evaluation purposes, you must obtain an inexpensive license for PageBreeze Professional, which includes several more advanced features (see below).

You may distribute the PageBreeze (free version) installation file in any way you wish, as long as you make no modifications to it. You are welcome to give PageBreeze to your customers or include it with other products (for example, a web hosting account), as long as you do not sell the software separately.

PageBreeze Professional

PageBreeze Professional includes some powerful extra features and is fully licensed for commercial use.

Additional Features in PageBreeze Professional:

  • Built-in FTP/Publishing. Now includes support for secure FTP connections.
  • More topic templates.
  • Multiple Editor Windows make it easy to work on multiple pages simultaneously. You can easily copy/paste between pages, etc.
  • Support for adding Flash files and IFrames in the visual editor.
  • Automatically syncs to the proper location when you switch from Norml to HTML Source modes and highlights the relevant line. (This feature is also available on a limited demonstration basis in the free version).
  • Supports editing PHP files.
  • Free upgrades for life. Once you purchase a license for PageBreeze Pro, you will never have to pay for another upgrade.

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